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Read Job 22-32 today in my daily Bible journey.

Here's what jumped out at me…

  • ch.22 — Lord, how is Job supposed to deal with this mixture of truth (v.12) and false accusation (v.6-7)?  Eliphaz is just kicking the man when he's down!
  • ch.23 — This is what we talked about on Sunday, Lord.  Those times we cannot find You (v.8-9) and we are just DESPERATELY hanging on to the fact that You will use this trial in our lives (v.10).
  • ch.24 — Job sees the fact that, sometimes, God lets wicked people "get away with stuff" (v.12), but it's only for a short time from God's perspective (v.24).
  • ch.25 — Wow.  Bildad is so ticked at Job that he can only spit out a few words!
  • ch.26 — Job asks probably the GREATEST questions anyone can ask to evaluate what their life has meant (v.2-4).
  • ch.27What a statement!!!  The man has been totally crushed, & he is battling not to give into the temptation to blame God (v.2-4).
  • ch.28 — True wisdom only comes from God (v.20-21).  'Nuff said (v.27-28)
  • ch.29 — I cannot imagine making this statement…losing all your kids in one day (v.5).
  • ch.30 — It was prophetic chapters like this that originally drew me to Christ & faith in His word.  Can't you see the prophecies of Jesus on the cross? (v.1, 9-10, 12, 17, 20, 22-23, 25-26, 28, 30)
  • ch.31GREAT advice, men!  (v.1)
  • ch.32 — Elihu's speech starts out so "spiritual." (v.21-22)  But he's about to fall into the same trap as Job's other three "friends."  Lord, may I never make this mistake!!!

Awesome time!  🙂