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Bible_my_personal_readingMy Bible journey continues.  The current plan (9 pages/day) calls for Genesis 47 to Exodus 5.  I was really tempted to just blow off my time with God & study for Sunday.  Can’t do it.

Just prayed for God to open my eyes.  Here goes.

Here’s what jumped out at me from Genesis 47-50:

  • Joseph so clearly foreshadows (i.e. is a "type" of) Jesus Christ.  Pictures like these bring the Old Testament to life for me:
    • 47:1 — Christ intercedes for us before the throne
    • 47:2 — Christ brings us before the throne
    • 47:11 — Christ puts us where He desires (& it’s always the best place for us)
    • 47:12 — Christ feeds us physically & spiritually
    • 50:1 — Christ cares for us deeply
    • 50:15-21 — Christ offers complete forgiveness to us (knowing God uses people’s evil intentions for good)
  • This section reminded me of 2 other things:
    • 48:21-49:1 — This Sunday’s topic: "With 24 to go, what would you say to people?"
    • 49:33-50:1 — Losing my grandmother in December

Here’s what jumped out at me from Exodus 1-5:

  • 1:12 — Ironically, God uses suffering to multiply His people
  • 2:1-9 — When you are faithful to God despite the pressure, He can do miracles in your life
  • 2:12 — Trying to do the right thing in your own power/timeframe can sidetrack God’s plan for (40) years
  • 4:13-14 — God doesn’t get mad about our insecurities or questions.  He gets mad when we tell Him, "No, not me.  Go get someone else, God."
  • Dilbert_my_drawing
    4:23, 5:3 — Notice how Moses changed the message God gave him
  • 5:6:19 — Classic corporate downsizing.  Dilbert would be proud.  🙂