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Read through Numbers 7-13 today in my daily journal through the Bible.

Every time I feel the pressure of tasks & deadlines start to mount, I am SO tempted to delay or blow off "reschedule" my time with God.  But there is NOTHING more important than our relationship with Him.

So, I prayed for God to open my eyes (i.e. the Holy Spirit’s really the One behind anyone being taught the Bible – John 14:26).  Then I dove in.  Here’s what jumped out at me today…

  • Num 7:1 — Moses led a diverse team to FINISH what God told them to do.  Yet another reason I think Numbers is one of the greatest books on "leadership" period.
  • Num 7:89 — The tabernacle was called "the tabernacle of meeting" (where people met with You, Lord).  God, thank you for laying this series on our hearts after Easter: "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You."
  • Num 8:13-16EVERY Christian, as a priest, has been "wholly offered" to God…whatever you want, Lord
  • Num 9:17-23 — That’s our walk, Lord.  Staying however long You want.  Leaving any time You want.  Going wherever You want.
  • Num 10:2 — Text-messaging…Old Testament-style.  🙂
  • Num 11:1 — Isn’t that true, Lord?  It’s those who are the FARTHEST away from what You are doing that are the MOST dissatisfied with life!
  • Num 11:11 — At some point, every leader realizes they are in WAY over their heads unless God is in charge.
  • Num 11:28 — Young leaders.  Enough said.
  • Num 12:2 — Jealous leaders.  Enough said.
  • Num 13:31 — Fearful leaders.  Enough said.