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Bible - Opening Edge Hey guys, the Men's CommUNITY event is coming up this Saturday from 7:30-9:00 a.m.  I blogged about that today.  "Mr. Bill" (Billy McBride) commented on the repost, but his words were too good not to have everyone read them:

"Tim, I am so delighted that you are welcoming our sons at the "Men's" event. I attended the last one and when I got there and realized how many fathers brought their sons, I felt so bad that I had not included my son Beckett who desperately wanted to go. I thought it was for men only and therefore told him that he couldn't come. So, now I know, and this time he didn't get a choice I just told him "Me… you… breakfast… Saturday… 7:30am… Men's event… Grace church! Yes, daddy up at 7:30 on a Saturday, imagine that! I have not seen the look he had on his face before. The joy in his eyes came from his soul, that he was finally going with his dad to a Men's event. Thank you again for making it clear that our son's are invited and expected as well."

P.S. Did you like my homage to SNL Classic with the reference to "Mr. Bill"?  Some of you are too young to know who that was!