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Bible - Open with coffeeI thought I'd give everyone an update on my current morning & evening devotional times. My morning is for personal devotions. My evening is for family devotions.

Morning Personal Devotions

In the mornings, I start a cup of coffee or tea, plunk myself down in our oversized chair in our living room, and spend some time with God. Here's what I'm doing these days:

  • Pray my Top 10 — First, I pray through a short list of items that drafted back on 8/9 and I'm praying for every day. The format is similar to the 40-Day Challenge described here. I'll add little clarifications or sub-requests or mini-answers to the list every day, so it's not super-static.
  • Write a Letter to God — Usually during my prayer list, some issue will start weighing extra heavy on my heart, or a question will really need some answers soon from God, so I'll pause from praying my list & write a short letter to God. I'll put today's date in my journal (spiral notebook) & literally write "Dear God". Then I'll write a letter to him. It worked for the writers of the Psalms. It works great for us too.
  • Read 5 Pages — After finishing my letter & going back to finish the prayer list (& returning to add on to the letter to God, if necessary), I do my daily reading. I'm reading through 5 pages of my Bible a day. I'll look at what chapter I ended yesterday, count 5 pages ahead, find the closest chapter marking, then read to that point. During my reading, I'll jot whatever comes to mind about the text: observations, questions, applications, anything. For example, one sentence I wrote today was, "Psalm 119:14 — Have I rejoiced in the path of the Scriptures as much as in $10B? I'd much rather have the Scriptures! And you!"

Evening Family Devotions

The Howey family is doing our family devotions at night these days. We're reading 1 chapter aloud per night, ideally starting around 8:00 p.m. Tonight we kick off 31 days through the book of Proverbs. I gave more detail about this process here.

Hope that helps!