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Food_chowderHere is a veritable soupchowder…gumbo of my thoughts, as of midweek…

My wife and kids are with my in-laws this week in the
golfing/retirement community of Pinehurst, NC, the location of
world-famous Pinehurst No.2 Golf Course.

So, what is bubbling around my brain?

  • Monday was exactly 15 weeks since the ACL surgery on my right knee.  I jogged
    for the first time since the surgery.  Scared to death of the knee.
    Limped a little, not from pain, but from mental fears.  Loved every
    minute of it.  Rested the knee yesterday.  Will try it again sometime
    tonight.  I’m back baby!!!
  • It’s been just over 24 hours since I dropped off my family
    at KCI.  Miss them already.  I miss my son’s heart, my daughter’s
    sense-of-humor, and my wife rolling her eyes at my jokes.  I heard
    somewhere that, "It is not good that man should be alone…"
  • People_goran_hunjak_2
    Hung out last night
    with everyone at the Victory Soccer Camp
    last night.  The weather was perfect.  It’s 5 nights of soccer
    training, drills, and scrimmages (3.5 hours a night!) for 5-15 year
    olds.  Goran Hunjak,
    the great professional soccer player, along with his family and several
    volunteers from our church, have been putting on a TREMENDOUS camp.
    Goran even shared with the kids the role faith played in his career
    & in his life today.  Way to go guys!
  • My "bachelor’s diet" made its appearance last night.  A hodgepodge of frozen burritos, grapes, and a PB&J sandwich.  Tasted good.  Not good.  Less than 24 hours and, all of a sudden, it was the "Summer of George" and I was eating a hunk of cheese the size of a car battery.  🙂 
  • At my men’s small group this morning, we all
    talked about times that we felt under attack by life, our enemy, etc.
    and didn’t want to show up.  Bad idea.  Satan wants to attack our
    weaknesses, isolate us from the pack, and then pick us off one-by-one.
    Why do we let this happen?  We KNOW we’re better together!  Adrian took us to this list of verses
    that he had been using to rise off "the couch of despair" that we all
    knew so well.  Prayed for each other & left energized.
  • Book_perspectives_exposure
    Reading through the Perspectives Exposure study guide now.  Excellent stuff.  Eye-opening stuff.  Take a few minutes RIGHT NOW to register for the 5-week journey
    to open our eyes to our lives and where God has us at this time &
    place in history…to change our perspective by getting a glimpse of
    God’s perspective together.  Register here…did I say RIGHT NOW?  🙂
  • If you want to be "In the Know" (yes, pun intended) about what God is doing at Grace , block off this time on your calendar right now: Sunday, August 26, 6-8 p.m.  It’s one of our semiannual churchwide "Vision Updates."  God is rolling.  We’re following.  Get "in the know!"  (See you then.)