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I received tons of very positive feedback on our discussion of The Beautitudes (Matthew 5:3-12).  Here are some comments.

  • From a Student — I was made aware today at church,
    that the stuff we weep over is lame.
    So true! it is crazy to think I whine and cry about things like slow Internet
    when I could be thankful for what I do have. And prayerful for those who don't
    get the opportunity to even see or do the things I take for granted.

  • From a Spouse — I am a conflict avoider. After two hours of being afraid of
    going to the person I needed to resolve conflict with, I took a deep breath and
    went in with the right attitude and the result was inspiring.  I explained I was afraid to have the
    conversation and why I was afraid to have the conversation.
    [In many] years of marriage I have never had the outcome
    I had today.  It was calm, loving and I
    felt heard.  Often, I had felt I went in
    with the right attitude, but never before did I feel heard or walked away still
    with resentment. I
    love how every week there is something that I can take
    home to make my life, my family, my community and world a better place.  I fall short every day, but I wake up every
    morning with the right attitude and willing to try again
    ... I can see myself becoming a better person in Christ.

  • From a Third Person – Thank you for including criticism from other Christians in
    your definition of persecution. I had never thought of it that way before, but
    it makes perfect sense. Being attacked by our brothers and sisters can be so
    very hard, precisely because it comes from those we trust. I find myself being
    drawn more and more into one of those issues that is dividing the U.S. church
    these days, and while no one is threatening to saw me in half 🙂 I am facing
    the risk of the social attacks you listed. By linking them to persecution, I
    now have a whole new line of thought to explore on how to cope with the
    And that brings me to my second thought — I am so GLAD you
    included the portion about being a peacemaker in the same message! Because when
    faced with persecution, we have a choice to make about to respond, don't we? I
    am confident I don't usually fall into conflict-promoting, but I realized that
    my natural tendency is conflict-avoidance… and that really doesn't solve the
    problem, does it? I have much research to do now on what true peace-making
    looks like.