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Continuing my quest to meet our church neighbors…reaching out to pastors within 1-mile…the "1-Mile Pastors" group.

Today, I want to feature Danny Brown from Hope Alive Christian Center, a church that’s been around the area for 17 years.

Danny came to the area from Portland, Oregon.  He is a pastor with a passion for the Lord and an infectious laugh.

I heard about Danny before we had the chance to meet.  Somebody told me (and I can’t remember who) that Danny stopped his weekend services a couple years ago and led his church to pray for our church.  That meant so much to me and to our church family.

His "one big prayer request" for his church is that they’d like to develop a multi-purpose center down the line for worship and athletic ministry.

Would you pause just a moment and lift Danny and Hope Alive up in prayer?  Thanks so much.