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Pastor - Timmy Gibson
I had the chance to buy lunch for Pastor Timmy Gibson of Olathe Life Fellowship today.  It was awesome time!

I absolutely LOVE hearing what God is doing in someone's life, in their family, & in their church.

(Does his story sound familiar?)  Pastor Timmy & I have the same name, are the same age, were married around the same time, have kids about the same age, are both senior pastors, are planting a church in the same Southern Johnson County area, are renting a school for worship services, & are renting some office space.  In addition, their church has been around for around 5 years, gone through some major cultural changes, experienced some significant membership turnover, and they are on the brink of looking at some land.  (Wow…I remember those days!)

Moreover, there are former members of Grace Church at Olathe Life…and vice-versa!

If you want an easy way to tell us apart, just remember that he's the one that looks like a male model…& I'm the nerd.  🙂

Be praying for them as they take on the next steps of spiritual growth & development of their church family!

P.S. We met because I walked up to him at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and introduced myself.  He looked TOTALLY SHOCKED and said, "YOU are the pastor of Grace Church???  I thought you were an OLD man with GRAY hair!!!"  🙂