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Confession time.

I experienced something tonight that I’ve NEVER experienced before.

Tonight, my son’s 3rd grade football team had their 2nd game of the year.  They went undefeated last year, and in their 1st game this year, they won 40-6.  Tonight, they played at "The Big House" (the place where the high schoolers play).

Right before the game, they asked for parents to volunteer to run the chains.  I volunteer & get to run the down marker.  So I’m on the sideline, on the line of scrimmage for every single play.

Now, I’ve done this a few times before.  No big deal.

Tonight, our team played the team from the Della Lamb Center & their fans (parents) were awesome.  They did they best job cheering their team (their kids) that I’ve ever heard at any of my kid’s games…and they were LOUD!  Great atmosphere…and I was standing about 30 feet in front of them.

What happened inside me?

I was PUMPED UP…JUICED UP…JACKED UP…my body was telling me, "It’s time to tackle somebody!"

Every time I heard a cheer for their team…every time a noise would erupt for their side…my body would be SHOT with another dose of adrenaline.  Wave after wave hit my body.  I was calm & cool on the outside, but I was wondering, "WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on with me?"

The kids played great, but lost 18-6.

And I discovered my secret-identity…I’m "Adreno-Man."  🙂