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Gov_flag_mauritaniaI received an update late Wednesday night from Brian Gann.

"The team had a hugely successful trip to the villages.  They were welcomed with singing and dancing.  The people were so warm and friendly and thankful.  They said, ‘You could have gone to any village in Mauritania and you came here.’  They set up the medical clinic and saw over 700 people from the village and the surrounding areas and villages. 

"The team members are all doing well.  They have had a few slight stomach problems.  They are stinky, but well (no showers since early Sunday morning).

"They enjoyed the international soccer game on Sunday.  Early Monday morning they went to the village 3 hours south near Rosso, right on the Mauritanian/Senegalese border. 

"They will be leaving Mauritania at 3:45 a.m. on Friday, fly through Morocco, and return to the U.S. on Saturday."

If you want to more about the village, Rosso, where the team visited, you can click the following: