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I just received an update from our team in Mauritania.  Here is the letter:

"Hello everyone,

I wanted to say hello and give you a quick update on
how the team is doing.  Everyone is doing fantastic here. The medical teams are
getting many opportunities to help the Mauritanians in clinics and

Please continue to pray for chances to serve in the hospital here in
Nouckchott.  The 1st day only the two doctors were allowed to stay.  The nurses
were not allowed to stay because the man who approved our visit was out of
town.  The rest of the team divided up and went to other clinics.

construction team has kept busy with various maintenance projects in the house. 
One of the biggest challenges is keeping enough water for the entire team.  The
house has a cistern system and water is delivered by water truck.  The Lord
worked in an amazing way earlier this week.  The truck has to get down an alley
behind the house to refill the cistern.

One of the neighbors had a sand pile
in the middle of the alley for some construction projects and refused to let the
pile be moved.  We completely ran out of water for showers.  We had plenty of
drinking water from bottled water, but it is tough to stay clean that way
:-)…  We prayed the night before and the Lord changed the neighbors heart and
we had the pile moved and more water in about 2 hours.

We have an
opportunity to take a medical team into the prison.  It has 650 prisoners and
they need medical attention.  Please pray that this door would continue to
remain open and the prisoners can get the medical attention they

Next week the team will go into a village.  The current plan is
that we will leave on Monday and return Wednesday night to the house and get
packed up to come home.

Thank you so much for the prayers.  I’ll send
more as soon as I can.