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Hi everyone, the Mauritania Team is off and running.

But they’ve encountered a few snags here and there.  Keep praying for their safe (& full team) arrival.

I’ve given you three team updates below:

First update received at 6:52 a.m. Thursday.

"Hello everyone.  Would you please continue to keep the trip to Mauritania in your prayers?  The flight we were supposed to take Thursday morning has been canceled.  The airline is working to get us on another flight as soon as possible.  Please pray that another flight can be worked out and the team can get out of town soon.  We never know how the Lord has used these types of inconveniences to protect us from circumstances, so thank Him for that, and continue to ask Him for His protection while we travel. Thank you!"  –Brian Gann

Second update received at 9:15 a.m. Thursday:

"We have found a way to fly out of KC.  We will have our team broken up into three different groups.  Each group will be taking a separate flight on separate airlines at different times to New York.  Please pray that we will meet up in New York without any trouble and that we’d be able to meet together in time to catch our flight from New York to Casablanca.  Thank you!"  –Brian Gann

Third update received at 9:24 a.m. Friday (today):

"Two of the three groups made it to New York in time to make the Casablanca flight at 8:20 tonight.  The other group sat on the tarmac coming in to JFK for an hour and missed the flight out.  They should be able to fly out tomorrow (Friday) night at 8:20.  Please pray that they will have a safe overseas flight to Casablanca and that the third group will make their flight tomorrow without a hitch.  Thank you for your prayers."  –Michelle Gann