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Here is an update from the team in Mauritania:

"The team had the chance to spend two days meeting medical needs inside a prison.  This was the first time they had been allowed to serve in a prison.

"They have also been doing construction, fixing up a house next to the clinic which was in great disrepair.  Local Mauritanian workers are doing the new construction, so our team has been fixing up the rest of the house.  They have painted almost the entire house, fixed doors, and prepared the kitchen for tiling.  If they have time, they will tile the kitchen floor.

"They visited the beach today and might have a chance to see a soccer game: Mauritania vs. Brazil.

"They plan to travel to a village where they will provide a medical clinic.  It is 104-110 degrees in the capitol.  The villages will be about 10 degrees hotter, with 40-50% humidity.  They will have the chance to sleep outside, dig their own latrines (‘squatty potties’) and experience life without showers."

"They are meeting wonderful people, helping to improve people’s lives, and are making memories which will last for a lifetime!"