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Office - Meeting Room During last Sunday's talk, we learned about the "higher calling" that God has given to each of us who spends 40-50-60 hours per week in the marketplace.  We also talked about 4 stages of "self-actualization" people undergo in the marketplace, as they embrace their "higher calling" there.

I keep hearing ripple-effects from our topic last week.  Here are a couple comments: 

  • From Kelli Mounce
    "Tim, I wanted to thank you for your message
    yesterday! Already (and even on a Monday) I have a new perspective and
    importantly a new purpose when I look at the job I do! I was even able
    to share
    your message and encourage a friend that I knew was struggling in the
  • From Randy Jones"Hi Tim. Hope you are having a good week. I just
    wanted to let you know how much your message from last Sunday has stuck with me
    this week. I was telling my wife, over breakfast this morning, how amazed I was
    at how much "back-spacing" I have done while writing work related
    emails this week. Your message was great and I was truly convicted. Just
    thought I would share this with you. Have a great week."