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Sports_basketball_2It’s OVER!!  KU wins the NCAA tournament!!  (I should have some pretty happy friends tomorrow.)

Here’s my family pool update.  My 1st
grade daughter dominated my family…  And she’s 7…  And she has NO idea about basketball…  And she called herself "Poofy" during the tourney.

(To the right, you see the face of cold hard, in-your-face, basketball picks.)

Here was our family pool, from rounds 1-6:

  • 1st = 116 pts.  1st grade daughter (24+12+5+4+1+0)
  • 2nd = 104 pts.  3rd grade son (24+10+5+3+1+0)
  • 3rd = 101 pts.  Poor old Dad (23+11+4+3+1+0)
  • 4th = 82 pts.  Poor Mom (18+10+5+3+0+0)