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Tomorrow, I take on marathon #4.

I've been training for a 3:20 marathon which would qualify for the Boston Marathon.  That's averaging 7:38/mile for 26.2 miles.  (Yes, I know that KC is a TERRIBLE marathon to try to qualify for Boston there.  It's way too hilly.  That's ok.  I had to shoot for something.)  🙂

Here's what I did in my first 3 marathons:

  1. 2002 KC Humana = 3:42:25 (8:29/mi)
  2. 2003 Columbia HOA = 3:51:00 (8:49/mi)
  3. 2005 KC Waddell = 3:57:01 (9:03/mi)
  4. 2008 KC Waddell = Who Knows???

After running for a while, I can guess these 10 things will happen tomorrow…

  1. I'll have a great time praying with Grace Runners at 6:30a (at 22nd & Grand)
  2. I'll struggle not to run my first miles TOO FAST (vs. 20 secs slow to warm up)
  3. My wife will be a ray of hope on the sideline every few miles (she's AWESOME!)
  4. I will be praying BIG TIME ("Dear God, help!  HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!")
  5. At some point I will swear I will NEVER do this again (all do at some point)
  6. My body will CRY OUT for me to give up on the HUGE uphill from mile 19-23
  7. When I finish, they'll want to escort my ashen-faced self to the Medi-Tent  🙂
  8. I'll be sick for several hours after (yes, LITERALLY feeling like I have the flu)
  9. I'll limp around for the next 2-3 days (and stairs will be a KILLER!)
  10. After a couple weeks, I'll think, "That wasn't SO bad!  When's my next one?"

I'll let you know what happens!