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Book - The Tipping Point Cathy put a book in my hands last week (borrowed it from the library actually).  I finished it this morning and it has my mind SPINNING

It's a book by Malcom Gladwell called "The Tipping Point."

The basic concept of the book is that major social changes (i.e.
epidemics) are not caused by what we NORMALLY assume they are
caused by: that is, by carefully-planned, comprehensive strategies.  Instead, they are
caused by very SMALL (& usually low-cost) changes.  The tough part is identifying the causal factors.

It's the kind of book that (a) made me not want to put it down, (b) challenged certain notions that I had assumed were right, & (c) had my mind spinning on topics like:

  • How Society Trends Are Started
  • How Children & Youth Start/Catch/Spread Trends
  • What Type of Teaching is Most Effective (i.e. Where People Change)
  • How These Concepts Can Help the Spread of the Gospel
  • The Role of Marketing, & Isolation, & Info Overload in the 21st Century
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

Did I agree with everything?  No…or don't know yet.  But I LOVE stuff that challenges my thinking.  (I even was thinking how he — unknowingly? — was stumbling onto Bible principles.)  The book was so good, I've got to get my hands on his other book, "Blink."

Anybody else out there read stuff by Gladwell?