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Battle_mars_le_tour_2 In our men’s small group this morning, we started to unpack our topic for the first week of Perspectives Exposure: how to see the world thru the "lens" of the Bible.  As part of our discussion, we studied the story of Judges 1-2.

When you read through that section of Scripture, you find that God intended for the 12 tribes of Israel to enter the land & achieve total victory.  But what they experienced, in reality, was that each tribe was unable to drive out at least one enemy, as you see in Judges 1:27-28.  You can see the reasons why in Judges 2:18-23.

  • God certainly wanted to give them complete victory (no more presence of their enemies)
  • But God left their enemies among them to prove whether they would walk with him or not
  • So when they walked with God, their enemies would be totally under God’s control
  • But when they didn’t walk with God, their enemies would rule over them

This is totally like each of our lives:

  • God would have loved to wipe out the presence our sin nature totally (so there is no more temptation)
  • But God left each of us with our unique enemies (character flaws) that we would live with the rest of our lives
  • When we walk with God, we don’t give into the temptation, we grow, & they are under His control
  • When we don’t walk with God, God lets them start to control our lives

We prayed together to start to look at life this week thru the "lens" of the Bible & begin to be aware of which enemies (character issues/temptations) God left in our lives to prove whether we would walk with him or not.  We also agreed that the first step to victory is becoming aware of, admitting, & recognizing that we each have dark enemies lurking among us.

P.S. We all agreed that this view of life (that everybody is a flawed instrument of God grace) flies directly in the face of the pressure of our community (that each of us faces) –> to pretend to everyone around us that "we’re all fine…we’ve got everything together…no big need here!"