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Bible_open_with_coffee Excellent, candid discussion this morning in my Wednesday morning Men’s Group.  Our topic centered around how to practically live out James 1:2-8 in our lives.

We talked about how God allows each of us to face intractable problems for a reason (so we can grow, actually).  We concluded that people grow through 4 broad stages as they face each trial & tried to find ourselves on the spectrum.

  • Stage 1 — "Trials ARE NEVER Good" — The default state for most people.  Trials stink.  Intractable problems are a burden to be weathered.  After the trial’s over, watch out.  I’m going to be bitter towards God & others.  What in the world was God thinking?
  • Stage 2 — "Trials WERE Good, in Hindsight" — 1st step of growth.  Though it stunk to live through it, & I was a sour, negative person to be around during my trial, now that it’s done, I’m better.  I’m thankful for what God did in me.  Don’t ever do it again, God.
  • Stage 3 — "Trials WILL BE Good, I know" — 2nd step of growth.  When I first saw this new, intractable problem, I copped a negative attitude.  But I’ve recovered.  I’m praying, believing God, & resting in the fact that He will give me the direction I need.  Please work, God!
  • Stage 4 — "Trials ARE Good, Right Now" — 3rd step of growth.  Not only am I praying, believing God will work, and resting in my soul in this trial, I am excited about this new, intractable problem.  It will change me inside & show how strong God is.  I’m rejoicing, God!

Confessional moment — If you are praying for me, I believe God’s grown me into stage 3 in a deeper way over the last year.  I also sense God is calling me to stage 4 and I want to get there — when I see a problem or trial, I’ll be excited & rejoice in what God’s about to do.

This make sense?  Thots?