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So I’m reading in John 14 in my daily reading today and I come across this story.  Jesus is talking to His 12 apostles about how He’s planning on leaving and returning.  Then Jesus says, "You know where I’m going and how to get there."

So Tom asks a question.  (I’ve always thought Tom’s question was pretty reasonable.)

This morning, it hit me that Tom wasn’t listening.  He was asking questions that Jesus just answered.  He (like me) just blew right by and didn’t stop to think about what he was hearing.

  1. Tom claimed, "We don’t know where you are going, Jesus!"  But Jesus had just told them He was going to His Father’s house (heaven)!
  2. Tom said, "How can we know the way, if we don’t know where to go!"  But Jesus had told them "the way" was by believing in God and Jesus. 

Tom wasn’t listening carefully.  I hadn’t either.  At times like this, I wonder how different we really are from the apostles.

Probably not much.  🙂