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Sports - Running a I got to break out my new running shoes today.  Mmmm.  Running in new shoes…

…it's like running on on two clouds
…it's like support from feather pillows
…it's like…butter

That's so much better than my last pair of shoes.  After 500+ miles or so, the "spring" in the soles just disappears.  It's like running on two slabs of cardboard.  And after all the sweat that ran down into them (I'm a VERY "gifted" sweat-er), and after the incredible "funk" that started rising from them (a combo of B.O. & mildew), they had become a read bio-hazard.  I had resorted to storing them outside.  When the new shoes came home, the old ones ended up in the trash.

Regardless, I'm running on new shoes again…mmmm….like butter.

Did 9 tough miles today:

  • 3 miles to warm up (shooting for 8:00/mile)
  • 5 miles as a "Lactate Threshold Run" (targeting 6:30/mile)
  • 1 mile to cool down (back to 8:00/mile)