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Object - Roller Coaster I cannot thank everyone enough for their prayers for my family at this time. We're trust God for some big things. And we have absolutely no idea how it will turn out. It's awesome!!!

But I wanted to share what we're learning:

  • Grace Church is AWESOME — Our church family is filled with people of every race & walk of life who are passionate about Christ and prayer & incredibly supportive of us at every step along the way.
  • Adoption is a Roller Coaster — Make no bones about it. One day you think it's on. Two days later you think it's off. Two days later… It just doesn't stop.
  • Premature Labor is Common — We've received so many encouraging notes and comments about other people's journey through premature labor. There are a lot of children running around & you'd never know they were so at risk during premature labor or premature birth.
  • God is Good — We have this peace & calm that ONLY comes with prayers (ours and yours). So thank you.

I've got so many other thoughts being developed in me but I want to hold off a bit to share those.

I love you all & keep praying!!!