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Food - PancakesSunday nights are great.  Relaxing.  Hanging with the family.  Having no meetings (sometimes).  Low stress.  Winding down from a major day.

Tonight, the family & I picnicked on our living floor….cinnamon pancakes & peppered eggs (thanks Cathy for making it!).  We also watched the Clone Wars Cartoon (my first full episode).  My kids & Ben love that show.  🙂

My Sunday schedule earlier today was this:

  • 5:15a – Alarm Goes Off (it's cold out there!)
  • 5:45a – Coffee at Office (Mmmm…)
  • 6:30a – Start Sermon Review (with Brian & Doug)
  • 7:00a – Weekend Service Team (WST) Mtg
  • 7:30a – Finish Sermon Review (with Brian, Doug, & Jason)
  • 8:15a – Weekend Experience Team (WET) Mtg
  • 8:45a – Pre-Service Prayer Mtg
  • 9:00a – 1st Service
  • 10:15a – 2nd Service
  • 12:00p – Prospective Members Class
  • 3:15p – Home to Watch Doze thru Chiefs Game

Mmmm…Sunday afternoon…having the Chiefs Game on…curling up in my easy chair…cold weather outside…a warm blanket over me…letting the body wind down from the day…slipping in & out of consciousness…Mmmm.  🙂