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There are 4 churches participating in the conference this week in Albania.  We had a great (& very full) day of discussions with leaders from 2 of the churches today.  We hung out in Durres at a coffee shop (had 2 Italian Expresso’s…mmmm) & then over pizza (at Ali Baba’s).  I’ll give you more on that as the week goes on…

But first, I thought I’d let you see what we saw during our layover in Munich, Germany.  Together, we wondered, "What in the world are we supposed to DO with this 12 hour layover?"  After flipping through a few Munich guidebooks in the airport, we saw it.  We were just an hour train ride from touring the Dachau Concentration Camp.  Here is a Museum Booklet on Dachau too.

We went.  We heard horrible stories.  It was unbelievably sobering to stand where people teetered on the brink of starvation, insanity, & hopelessness.  "Never again."  It was very cold & windy for us, but I was sickened when I heard the prisoners were made to stand 1 hour every morning and every evening for roll call, in pajamas, in every type of weather.  One night, they stood in lines over 17 hours, in sub-zero temperatures, with snow, and people dropping everywhere.  Here are some of the pictures I took:

  • 1 front gate (with phrase "Work will set you free")
  • 1 guard tower (with strip of grass "death zone")
  • 3 bunkhouse (historical, plus 2 modern models)
  • 1 men working (Dachau was a men-only camp)
  • 1 whipping bench (count aloud in German or restart)
  • 2 gas chamber (never used at Dachau) & fake showers
  • 1 crematorium (was used…3 bodies at once)
  • 1 plaque (honoring 7th U.S. Army liberators)

I would NEVER have to chosen to have that long of a layover in Munich.  Now, I could not be more thankful to God that we did.

Here are the pictures (click on one to blow it up).