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Bible - JournalI've spent the last 3 hours thinking some more through tomorrow's message and I'm still winding down before I head off to bed.  Here are a handful of things I think I think:

  • Cold Weather Running — Friday morning, I met Kevin Allen for a 6.2-mile run in the 0 degree with 15 MPH winds.  We learned a great lesson too.  Running 6.2 miles in that weather was harder than the 10 miles we ran last week when it was 12 degrees.  It was WORK.  We kept joking on the run about laying for a few minutes to "take a short nap."
  • Jacob's Basketball — I had the best seat in the house for son's first basketball win of the year.  I was in the coach's seat.  We'd been close in all 3 previous games but we couldn't close.  Today the boys closed the door.  They were smart & aggressive & finished well.  I told them all (with my hoarse voice] that I was proud of them.
  • Pond Skating — Cathy & Karina had the time of their life going old-school skating tonight…on a frozen pond.  I decided not to go because I was nursing my voice with 4 cups of green tea with honey.
  • Warming Trend — I am longing for the days of 30 degree weather.  I'll probably end up wearing shorts & a t-shirt it's so warm.
  • Leading Under — I am pumped about the tomorrow's topic.  I'll be back in the saddle in Matthew 20.

C U 2morrow…or 2day (it's 12:30a).