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Bible - Journal It's Saturday night…errrr…Sunday morning.  What was up this week?

  • High Intensity Meetings
    — I was involved in a BOATLOAD of high intensity meetings this week.  High importance.  High opportunities.  High stakes.  High passions.  Awesome stuff.  I'm zonked.
  • No Time to Run
    — I'm in my last week of tapering for the marathon.  And I literally had NO time to run the last 2 days.  None.  It's bugging me.  Gotta hit the pavement tomorrow.
  • Feel the Chill? — I was doing 1600 meter (almost 1-mile) repeats earlier this week at our Pastors Retreat in Lawrence.  I did 3 of them in 5:46, 5:33, & 5:27.  My legs were SHOT when I was done.
  • Praying for the K's
    — Our church is adopting the K's, an unreached people group.  We want every man, woman, & child to be aware of them, pray for them, & show them love.  My heart & mind has been on them today.
  • Extraordinary Prayer — Today, I was in a meeting where we nailed down the title of our next series starting Sunday, November 15:  "Extraordinary Prayer."  What does that even mean?  We're going to find out…

CU in a few hours…