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Here are the last couple days of my reading take-aways:


  • David foreshadowed Jesus who would also do great things, make leaders feel threatened, & be attacked when innocent (1Sam 19:5)
  • The longer you allow yourself to stay angry against someone, the more likely it will be unleashed on someone else (1Sam 20:33)
  • Beauty will sag. A heart for God will remain. (Prov 31:30)
  • History does repeat itself (Eccl 1:10)


  • Fear leads people to pretend to be something they're not (1Sam 21:13)
  • Here David pictures Christ again in that, if we stay close to Jesus, we don't have to fear anything (1Sam 22:23)
  • Life is too short not enjoy what you do for a living (Eccl 2:24)