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Didn't have much of a chance to update everyone over Labor Day.

What has been going on in our world?

  • "Labor Day."  Has a nice quiet ring to it doesn't it?  Mine was PACKED OUT!
  • 2 kid's practices, 1 football scrimmage, 2 church services, 1 prayer meeting, 2 family get-togethers, 1 going away party, and 1 Messianic funeral…and an almost 3-hour, 20-mile run for good measure!
  • Got the chance to spent a ton of time with my kids this long weekend.
    • My son & I practiced tackling & blocking (Yes, I'm his tackling dummy).  We also studied these opening chess moves together.
    • My daughter & I practiced soccer & basketball.  And I chased her around my Dad's pool and played the "Safe" game (which she loves).
  • I thought God used Pastor Brian to ROCK THE HOUSE this weekend, kicking off our 2-week series about communication.  Did anyone else think so?
  • I'll be back in the saddle next weekend, but I cannot tell you how beneficial it is to take a blow from the main-speaker-role once in a while.
  • My cousin's 94-year-old "Grandma Bubby" (Edythe Cooper) died this weekend.  As part of the event, my family & I attended our first Messianic Jewish funeral.  It was full of beautiful Hebrew prayers & wonderful stories.  We heard how Edythe, a wonderful, brilliant Jewish lady, gave her heart to her Messiah her last couple of years.  More than once, tears came to my eyes.