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Knee_lungeHere’s a quick update on my knee-hab (knee rehab) progress.  It’s taken a while to work up to this, and it’s a goal I don’t always hit, but I shoot for it.

I’m so thankful I haven’t had to wear a knee brace yet, nor felt any knee instability (the jelly-like wobbling of the knee because of twisting) since the injury.

You might be one of the many people who warned me to get my right knee &
leg as strong and flexible as possible before surgery because it will
hugely help the post-op rehab.  Here it is:

   1.  Stationary Bike 1 hour (up to 100 rpms)
   2.  Ice right knee 30 minutes

   1.  25 lunges – toughest exercise; I’m pretty cautious
   2.  50 squats
   3.  100 toe raises
   4.  50 standing side kicks
   5.  50 standing back kicks
   6.  50 standing knee curls
   7.  100 flutter kicks
   8.  100 counts heel into ground
   9.  Ice right knee 30 minutes

   1.  Extension – Straighten leg, ankle propped on towel
   2.  Flexion – Slide heel slowly under body to flex

Improving daily.  No prayer, no gain.  And no pain, no gain.