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Knee - Dr. Gurley's Drawing Apr 2010.

Hey everyone, here is an update on my surgery.

Monday morning, I showed up at the Surgicenter of Johnson County at 6a.  We were the first ones there.  Did some paperwork for about 20 minutes or so with the secretary.  Signed my life away, including some document that basically said, "Even if we kill you through our negligence, you can in no way hold us responsible."  (I guess that's lawyer-standard.)

I was taken back around 6:30a to get ready.  Declothe & put on the fashionable robe-that-ties-at-the-back-of-your-neck.  I laid down, then the construction crew renovating my waiting bay arrived.  Had to move to another bay.  I received my IV, then Cathy came back.  That was followed by visits from the anesthesiologist-with-very-hip-hair, and then Dr. Gurley (my friend & surgeon).

Finally, around 7:15-7:20a or so, things got rolling.  The anesthesiologist gave me a shot of Versed through my IV.  My head started spinning.  On the way to the operating room, my memory just stops…almost like the film ran out…thank you, Versed.

My next memory was waking up with Cathy in recovery.  I'd been awake for a while, but I don't remember.  Supposedly I kept asking to look at my post-op paperwork.  But I kept forgetting I saw it.

At around 9:00a, Cathy loads me into the car & we head home.  Cathy told me they pulled a chunk out of my knee that was floating around.  I'll learn more about it next Monday.  On the way home, we pick up 2 prescriptions.  I'm taking the mandatory anti-inflammatory drug.  But, thankfully, I haven't had to take any of the horse tranquilizers oxycontin they sent home.  I think everyone's prayers have been helping hugely.

Bottom line, I'm beat tired and want to sleep all the time.  My head feels a little foggy from the anti-inflammatory and it's hard to focus.  But I have very little pain…until I try to bend my knee all the way.  Ouch.  My knee looks like some sort of misshapen, bulbous fruit.  Not attractive.  Still swollen.

Anyway, I'm getting better each day.  Thank you all for your prayers.