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Justice_sirenThe case is over.  "Juror #8" has been released from service.

It was a criminal case…a DUI.  The case went almost two days.  The net result was that a person was convicted of speeding, driving with an open container of alcohol, & driving under the influence (DUI)…a felony if it’s the 3rd offense.

I felt bad for the person, but the jury weighed through all the evidence & I believe the outcome was fair.

I really felt the weight of judging fairly.  This was someone’s life we were talking about.  Reminded me of the responsibility EVERY Christian will have someday…judging the world without Christ & angels (1 Corinthians 6:2-3).  That verse will blow people’s minds if they haven’t seen it!

P.S. I became the "presiding juror" because, as one person said, "You made the coffee."  (No kidding.)