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Sports - Basketball 2 Yesterday, my son's 4th grade team had their last regular-season game.  We lost a heart-breaker, 31-30, to the #1 team in our division who is undefeated.

A few thoughts on game:

  • Coach Dad (me) blew the game in the first half.  I lost track of who was scoring on their team.  One kid had 16 of their 18 first half points!
  • That's an easy fix for future games — I'll glance at the scoresheet every 5 minutes or so.
  • At halftime, I showed some kids the scoresheet & challenged them to "D-that-guy-UP!!!"
  • That same kid scored 0 points in the 2nd half.  Our kids SHUT him DOWN!

A few thoughts on the season:

  • The most rewarding thing for a coach is to see their team improve.  We made MAJOR strides this year…every individual improved…as well as us as a team.
  • I could not have done it this year without Coach Dave.  We have a great chemistry as coaches.
  • We ended the season in 2nd place in our league.  The kids did a great job.
  • The season isn't over…now it's time for the post-season tournament.