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Airplane - WingYup.  That's where our favorite rock star worship leader (Ben) and I are.


We left KC Thursday morning and flew to Newark.  I read/studied through Numbers 1-5 in my daily reading.  The most interesting thing about this flight was that Ben & I — who were sitting on the back row, mind you, right in front of the bathroom door — had the bathroom door FALL OFF when an off duty flight attendant closed the door to go to the bathroom.  He was just 2 feet away from us when it happened.  (Good thing it fell off as he closed it!)

We then flew from Newark to Tel Aviv.  Everything worked great on the plane.  I worked through Numbers 6-10 in my daily reading.  But Ben & I both had a ROUGH time trying to sleep in tight quarters & with a crosswind making it feel like a giant was grabbing us by the shoulders & trying to shake us awake.  They had a great database of 250 on-demand movies to help pass the time a little quicker when we were too tired to read & too awake to sleep.  The most interesting thing about this flight was right at the start.  When we were loading, an absolutely HAMMERED man in a black Harley Davidson T-shirt, staggered down the aisle and crashed in the seat right behind me.  He proceeds to accost the Hebrew speakers on his row with his SPANISH, "Hola!  Un poquito Espanol?  Despacio por favor!"  Praise God he was in the wrong seat.  Would have made for a long flight.

Getting into the country was fine for me, a little longer for Ben.  Here was the count:

  • Tim's entry — 1 interview, 5 minutes.
  • Ben's entry — 6 interviews, 4 different waiting areas, 3 hours.

Yes, I sat with my tardy friend for every minute in every waiting area!  🙂

Got the chance to drive around the old city of Jerusalem this afternoon.  Took my breath away, thinking about all the history here, from Abraham & Isaac & Ishmael, to Saul & David & Solomon, to the Romans & Jesus & his 12 apostles.  Wow.