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Airplane - WingWell, I'm about to start packing up my stuff & to head to bed to rise early tomorrow for the loooooooong ride home.  What a week Ben & I had.  And I'm kind of shot right now (been flirting with a headache for a little bit).  When I get back, I promise to write more personal reflections.  In the mean time…

Ben & I spent today with his dad, Tass, in the Old City of Jerusalem.  We saw amazing sights today.  Seemed like every stop caused me to catch my breath & picture a pivotal moment of Jesus' life & other history.  We saw the lower city (older city) of Jerusalem, which was the Jerusalem of King David (none of the current "Old City" was built in his day!).  We stood in the place that Pilate's home was & where Jesus was sentenced to death.  We witnessed the likely place of Calvary, where Jesus was crucified on a hill which looks just like a skill.  We entered into a quiet tomb nearby where Jesus' body might have been laid.  We entered an area near the upper room where Jesus met with his disciples after his betrayal & where the Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost.  We stood on the Mount of Olives (where Jesus prayed, where he ascended to heaven, & where he will "touch down" when he returns to earth).   We entered a museum called the Burnt House, which was burnt to the ground when the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD.  We saw the Jews praying at the Western Wall (wailing wall) of the Temple.  And our eyes beheld the gleaming of the golden Dome of the Rock atop the Temple Mount.

It's hard to put into words what this was like.  And about some other things that we came to see, I'll share soon.