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I'm still waking up this morning after a full night of "catch-up" sleep.  I've heard it takes 1 day for every hour of time zone you change to feel fully adjusted.  Ben & I are now 8 hours ahead of KC time — which means 8 days to adjust — which means we'll almost be adjusted as we step on to the plane to return.  🙂

Be praying for Ben.  His stomach has not been good to him all yesterday and, it looks like, again as he woke up this morning.  And while I was sleeping like a rock, he was up & down.  Would you pray for healing of his stomach & tremendous rest tonight?

Yesterday's services in Bethlethem were great.  The people were warm, the music was lively, the pastor was clearly a passionate follower of Christ, and the church has a vision of having a hugely positive impact in the city where Jesus was born.  The services were translated into English via headsets, so we could follow along.  And the pastor asked me to bring a greeting from Grace Church so I did.  (I brought them greetings from my family & my church, told them that their faithfulness to Christ in this land was a great encouragement to our church, and told them that many of our people wish they could be here with us today.)  We had lunch with some families after church.  Was it a huge lunch?  (Do you have to ask?)  🙂

If you could pray for them, they would appreciate it.  Their church is where ours was a few years ago.  They are growing; renting a facility; they purchased some land; they have a desire to communicate some sense of permanency; and they've got some upcoming bills to sustain the ministry.  Would you pray for God's provision & protection for their church family in paying off their land (I think the end of September is another key date for them) and providing the funds for their ministry needs?

After that we spent the late afternoon in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Saw the Tower of David, walked through the shopping bazaars, and prayed at the Western Wall, laying our hands on rocks that Jesus saw when he lived 2000 years ago.  My head is spinning with the history & events all around.


Got to bed early last night.  Turned my light off at 9:30p (1:30p KC time!) and got 9.5 hours of sleep.  My body is still trying to get on this new schedule.

We're heading back to the Old City of Jerusalem (only 1 mile by 1 mile!) for the FULL tour today.