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Object_kleenexMonday afternoon, I started feeling it.  A tickle in the back of the throat.  A head that started throbbing.  A body that started aching.

By the next morning, I was in the full throes of the flu.

I’m guess I’m just like so many people who’ve been battling this stuff.

  • Felt horrible all week
  • ALL 6 offices of my doctor’s were 100% booked on Tuesday…couldn’t get in
  • Tried walking up to a clinic at Walgreen’s…the wife said ladies recommended it to her…front-desk conversations built NO confidence in me…I walked out
  • Went to Walk-In Health Care of Olathe…good group…loooooong wait  🙂
  • Took me 5 HOURS to get seen, get meds, & get home
  • Haven’t been able to work at all this week
  • This flu keeps morphing on me (an aching flu –> a nausea flu –> a congestion flu –> a sore throat flu)
  • Food_grapefruit
    I’ve finally found a food that really doesn’t taste different on the way down or up…grapefruit
  • Right now, I sound like a cross between "The Godfather" & "Froggy"

I’m wiped out again.