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I'm here at field #6 at the Blue Valley Baseball Complex. My son is playing on a hot, muggy, breezeless night. His team happens to be in first place but they're not playing well tonight…listless even.

And I'm sitting here thinking about "winning".

— It won't matter if he wins or loses this game
— It won't matter if he ends up in first or last place
— It won't matter if he ends up playing next year

"Winning" is when…

— Jacob knows I love him unconditionally
— Jacob knows I'm desperately proud of him
— Jacob knows I believe in him as a man
— Jacob knows he's #3 to me (behind God & Cathy but ahead of everyone & everything else)
— Jacob is learning to put God #1 himself
— Jacob is learning life isn't about him
— Jacob knows God uniquely designed him
— Jacob knows God has a perfect plan for him
— Jacob knows God'll never leave him
— God uses Jacob to make disciples of others
— God says to Jacob, "Well done."

That's winning.