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I was in rehab yesterday, stretching out my knee on the stationary bike, when my wife sent me a text message:  "hs is in lockdown."

I stared at the message for a few moments, trying to realize what I was reading.  Our high school is on lock down???

I started praying.

I text-ed my wife to ask which one: Blue Valley or Blue Valley West?  She replied it was Blue Valley High.

Then a lady at rehab mentioned that her daughter was locked down in the high school.  She had been texting her mom, and was wondering how long it would take for the "all clear."

I also heard a long line of understandably concerned parents had driven to the high school and were lining the streets waiting for access to their children and/or news.

I prayed…for the kids…for the teachers…for the law
enforcement personnel…for the young person(s) who made the threat…for that young person’s parent(s).

You can read how the story progressed here and here in the media (and see The KC Star’s article on the general topic two weeks ago).  The story brought a couple thoughts to mind:

  • People all around our community are hurting and need Christ.  You realize
    this when you go beyond the veneer of large, new homes & manicured
    lawns.  In fact, the Bible says affluence can make you forget your huge need for God.
  • We need to continually pray for our community: for officials, parents, children, and for peace.  As I read one time, "our prayers can move the hand that moves the universe."  God often chooses to wait for us to pray so we realize our need for Him.

So, what were/are your thoughts?