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This weekend at Grace, we kicked off a new series about the "spiritual exercises" (or "disciplines" of disciples of Jesus). We're calling the series Get Ripped! We're taking six weeks to help people learn the exercises to get "spiritually fit."

Our first exercise was "Humility" (primarily from 1 Peter 5:5-8). I challenged people with "humility exercises" this week:

  • Let someone else lead
  • Learn from negative feedback
  • Eliminate your sense of entitlement
  • Get a hearing aid
  • Be ok with not being noticed
  • Be ok with being noticed
  • Ask for help
  • Apologize first
  • Pray out loud
  • Serve in Secret
  • Don't "one up" people's stories
  • Hear the Bible like your life depends on it
  • Pray like your life depends on it
  • Believe God like your life depends on it
  • Apologize, Admin, Admire (C.S. Lewis)

One person sent me this quote by C. H. Spurgeon.

  • "There is nothing that will keep a person from Christ like a good opinion of himself."

Another person was watching via Live Stream:

  • "Because I know you
    are a cat lover, I thought you would enjoy this photo of my cat watching
    today's message. She could use a dose of humility so I'm glad she's tuning

Tim - Preaching to Heather Williams' Cat

  • "Love the messege. Look
    at the photo.  Something happened and you were split in half."

Tim Split
Here were the two homework assignments I gave:

Let's start working out to avoid a "spiritual flab-alanche."