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Vaca_07_stlouis2_arch_5Today, I locked myself in my office with God to work on Sunday’s topic.  I am SO pumped about what’s we’re talking about this weekend  ("Seeing the World through the Lens of the Bible").  But by the time I arrived home tonight, I was reduced to a sack of goo mentally.  🙂

So what did the family do to unwind?  Following a chicken feast prepared by "Mrs. Right" ("Mmmmm"), we headed out to the neighborhood park.

Mom, Dad, & Jacob played the game "Pass-Interception" (Dad was all-time QB since he still couldn’t cut on his ACL-surgically-repaired knee) while Karina showed off her bicycling skills.  Mom’s got "mad-skills."  And if the Chiefs need a QB for their practice squad, I’m willing to make the time.

P.S. I know, I know.  The picture wasn’t from tonight.  It was from our summer trip to St. Louis (under the Arch).  But it’s the closest "family in the park" picture I had.  And it was too cute…