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Here's an AWESOME story of a family who's decided to worship & serve on Saturday & "sleep in for Jesus" on Sunday to free up some real estate for visitors.  Way to go!!!

Pastor Tim,

Before the birth of our daughter we were regular attenders during the 8am Sunday service as we enjoyed the "small" church atmosphere offered by that service.  Now that our daughter has arrived we have found it extremely difficult for us to attend the 8am service thus forcing us to attend the 11am Sunday service.  It is overwhelming for us to see how full the 11am service is.  We had trouble finding a parking space, the children's ministry was busting at the seams, and the worship service was packed.  Clearly this is not the "Grace" experience we are used to.

Answering the call you put out during service last weekend, our family is pledging to serve and attend church on Saturday then "sleep in for the Lord" on Sunday.  We expect the Saturday service will give us the "small" church atmosphere we enjoy and grant our young family the flexibility our schedule needs.

God is doing great things through Grace and we are excited to know that our family can make a difference by making room for new believers to attend Sunday.


John & Kim