Select Page - Logo Hi everyone.  Here's how the Howey family did Day #1 (Genesis 1-2 & Job 1-2) of together.

  1. Cathy read today's reading via YouVersion on her Iphone. First time she tried it. She said she liked it.
  2. I read today's reading via YouVersion on my PC. I journaled in my notebook and was able to tweet some of my observations. I also experimented with copying my tweets into my YouVersion notes. I have one person "following" my notes…my cousin Doug.  🙂
  3. Jacob read today's reading via his Itouch on YouVersion (but he couldn't sign up for our OWNit365 reading plan yet, because his account never received a confirmation email…I shot them their support team a note…this is a known issue & I'm sure his account'll be fixed). He finished half of his reading at Grandma's before we arrived to pick him up, and the other half after we arrived. Jake's reading the NKJV with mom & dad.
  4. When we got home from Grandma's, I gathered the family around my PC, went to THE PLAN page online, & watched both 3-minute "Sneak Peek" videos for Genesis 1-2 & Job 1-2.
  5. Then I signed up Karina for YouVersion. (We thought she was only going to read the family chapters for 1 chapter/day, but she really wanted to take on the whole Bible.) She sat in my chair & read today's reading via her Itouch. She thought it was pretty cool. We directed her to read the NLT version. (P.S. I like how you can download versions to your smart phone so you can read when you are offline.)
  6. After the kids were ready for bed, we all grabbed our Iphones/touches and discussed today's readings together. We ended up talking about all 4 chapters today.

Here's what I plan on doing tomorrow…

  1. I plan on gathering the family around my PC again, opening up THE PLAN page online again, & watching both 3-minute "Sneak Peek" videos for the next week of reading: Genesis 3-20 & Job 3-13.

P.S. If our kids were younger, we'd be discussing a lot less and acting out whatever we were talking about either (a) as a family or (b) with stuffed animals & action figures.

Any other family ideas out there?