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Hey guys.  Here are a hodgepodge of updates on what’s going on my way.

1.  Grandma’s Health — Our extended family is on a roller coaster — long slow period of upward progress from hip surgery & brain surgery to fix a growing blood clot, followed by downward news that quickly gets everyone’s attention.  Today alone I heard 3 separate sets of news about her: good, bad, & good.  Don’t know what to believe.  I just keep praying.

2.  Bible Reading — I was reading in Ezekiel today.  My "1 big thing" was from Ezekiel 37:1-6.  Wow!  When God resurrects a body from the bare, dry bones, NO ONE will doubt that He IS God.

3.  Son’s Basketball Team — Every time I meet a "PK" (Pastor’s Kid) or "MK" (Missionary’s Kid) I ask them what that was like growing up with their parents in full-time ministry.  You’d be surprised how many of them don’t have very good memories.   I don’t want that for my kids.  So I’m taking on coaching my son’s basketball team.  It’s the BIG time…3rd grade.  Dunking is outlawed.  🙂  Practice starts tomorrow.  I’m psyched about it.

4.  Big Time Meetings — Can’t say much about it, but I’ve had the chance to see God work in MANY ways & in MANY hearts recently.  Breaks you down.  Lifts you up.  "Red Sea moments" (Exodus 14:13-14, 21-22).  I have the GREATEST job in the world!

Whirlwind of activity.  Miss you & love you guys.