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This week, our high school ministry called "Fusion" is having the TIME-OF-THEIR-LIFE and experiencing one of the highlights of their year: Summer Camp!

On Sunday, 16 of our students hit the long road for a Student Life camp on the shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The camp is called "Student Life at the Beach."

Steve and Leah Heinauer, our High School Ministry Leaders, are so "great with child" that they had to stay close to home base and sit out this one.  But their hearts are at the beach with our students.  They Heinauers sent this prayer request down our prayer line:

"[This link] can be used to listen live to the day’s messages, see pictures from the camp, read summaries about the talks, check weather, etc.  Also please continue to pray for:

  1. Safety of our team
  2. Attentive hearts
  3. Changed lives

Thanks so much!"

Here’s an update from Jim Williams, our Youth Pastor in South Carolina:

"Tim, so far camp has been awesome!  Last night at the first night, we had 5 kids go forward in response to an altar call.  Various responses to the message.  Our speaker Louis Giglio
is a very dynamic speaker and of course Chris Tomlin brings the goods to every worship session.  The students are getting along great despite a long van ride.  Please pray that as the week progresses hearts and minds would be softened by God."

If you can, take few moments right now and lift up a prayer for our students.  And be sure to thank God for our amazing volunteers who were able to make the trip: Jim, Kellie, Nate, and Kimbra.  Along with Steve & Leah & Keith, their commitment and love for the students made this trip possible!

P.S. You can click on pictures to enlarge!