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Hey guys!

Movie - Vacation I reeeeeally wanted to rejoin the blog world since we got home from our vacation, but life's been a whirlwind.  Since I've been back I…

  1. Unpacked my stinky, smoky clothes (FYI, the stink from from my running.  The smoke was from campfires while we we camping.)
  2. Attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit
  3. Had to move all my files & programs & printers over to a new PC (Moving stuff takes far longer than you want & you keep finding things you forgot to install or move, but I had to bite the bullet…my old PC was dying a slow, painful death)
  4. Plowed through mountain of email (it's amazing how much mail can stack up for 2-3 weeks)
  5. Had a boatload of meetings which were intense, exhilarating, draining, & productive
  6. Looked out to the future of Grace Church (FYI, there is some AMAZING stuff God has in store for us down the line that I am PUMPED about…more about that Sunday Sept 20 & 27.)  🙂
  7. Taught the Prospective Members Class
  8. Knocked the dust off and started a new weekend series at Grace

Whew!  I give you more details about the trip, the Leadership Summit, Chuck Norris, and other stuff soon.