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Bible - Open with coffee I asked people on Sunday to send in the questions they'd like answered during the last week of our "Love & Sex" series.  Several thoughts.

1.  I read all the answers Monday.

2.  Thanks for all your responses.

3.  There's were so many questions that — although I have resisted it all week — I have given up the dream to answer all the questions.  There's just NO WAY.  Too many questions.

4.  There are A LOT of sincere people out there who are searching for answers to some fundamental questions of Christianity & marriage & sex.

5.  I had NO IDEA about the amount of painful situations that I'd hear about.  Totally unexpected.

6.  I have been praying ever since for you.

7.  My heart has been HURTING all week because of it, praying for the people so willing to share their difficult situations.

8.  Some of the questions I read were so candid & so painful that I find myself debating.  Do I (a) address their question and risk offending sensitive people or do I (b) not address their question & thus let the world answer it for them?  (Even though I know I can't possibly answer all their questions anyway.)