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Grace - Small Groups 1 (What does it look like to walk with God in community?)

My Tuesday morning men's group got to see the hand of God together this morning.

1. The Topic — The guy scheduled to teach emailed us yesterday that he had to bail at the last minute because of a health issue.  But he'll be good to go next Tuesday.  I started thinking about what to teach.  Even thought, "Hey, why don't I lead our guys in a discussion about 'Stumbling' in our walk with God…our topic next Sunday?"  I didn't bring it up.  Then another guy asked the question, "What's the deal with the 'Stumbling Stone' in the Bible?"  (Ok, God.  We heard you!)

2.  The Text — We ended up walking through Romans 14, a passage God used in my heart years ago to TOTALLY transform how I looked at the world…and dealt with some core issues in my heart.

3.  The Prayer — Another of our guys (our most senior member) told us that he had secretly prayed at the start for God to teach him something today.  Then he said as we read the passage, God opened his eyes to a question he's had for YEARS!!!

4. The Celebration — Another of our guys was so thankful that God had begun to heal his son's eyes after a group of us came over & prayed with him & his family.  Wow.

(Are YOU — yes YOU!!! — walking with God together in community?)