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Knee_diagramI’m getting back into running consistently these days.  And I’m loving it.

I had a little knee pain last week after running a few days, but it seems to have subsided.  (A year after my ACL surgery, I’m wondering if my knee will EVER feel truly normal again.)

Anyway, running does SO much for me physically, mentally, & spiritually.  It’s a quiet, stress-relieving prayer time!  Sometimes, I even take a pen & blank sheet of paper with me on my runs & work on my messages.

I have 2 favorite runs right these days.

  1. A 60-minute run on a wood chip trail, making sure I sprint up every hill.  (If I do this less than 60 minutes, I feel like I’m "whimping out".)  🙂
  2. A 5-mile run with two 1/2-mile sprints in the middle.  (This is a very tough run for me right now.)

Do you have a favorite workout that you just HAVE to do?  🙂