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People - Ravi Zacharias 2Here's part 2 of my time last Friday afternoon with Ravi Zacharias.  (You can read Part 1 here.)

The second part of his talk centered on what the church should do about the global cultural trends he's been observing recently.

His 3-Part Proposal:

1.  We need an apologetic that's not just HEARD, but SEEN (Our Lifestyle)
— This is making sure that we not only PROCLAIM the gospel to pepole, but LIVE the gospel before people.  It's what Francis Shaeffer called the "Two Legs of Evangelism: (1) proclamation & (2) charity."  This is making sure our good works reveal Christ to people as much as our good words.

2.  We need an apologetic that's not just ARGUED, but FELT (Our Passion)
— This is making sure we go beyond just what we say.  It's being sure that Christ IS our #1 passion; that Christ comes before everything else in our lives; that we embrace the fact that our faith in Christ IS our life…knowing that & believing that to our core.  This is living with the passion that Christ IS our life.

3.  We need an approach that reaches not just ENDS, but MEANS (Our Bible) — He commented that many churches have had a sincere heart to accomplish good "ends" (i.e. to reach people for Christ).  Unfortunately, they have abandoned the Bible as their "means."  In doing so, they have taken the Word of God out of the position God designed it to hold: to change lives.  He said the church needs to make sure to use God's Word as the "means" to the right "ends."

Loved it.  Loved it.  Loved it.